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Live Support. Anytime, Anywhere remote help to solve your computer issues. If have face any issue with your computer, just call us or connect to us through our live chat. One of our efficient service executive will fix it for you.

How it works

1. You get 24/7 expert support services through our live chat or you can directly call us at when you face any technical issue with your PC.
2. Once we are connected, our technical expert executive will communicate with you to better understand the issue. You can discuss the issue in detail that will help us to identify the root cause of the issue and to fix it fast.
3. After we identify the issue, our support executive will remotely connect and access your PC with your permission to analyze further and to conclude the resolution.
4. You feel the ease of sitting back and relax while we troubleshoot and fix the issue for you.

We do it all for you.

Microsoft Windows is the popular Operating System which is simple enough to be used by any user. However, the issues keep occurring and new issues are being created from releasing versions. You get 24/7 expert level support to install and troubleshoot any Microsoft Operating System. We make sure that your computer is always up-to-date through Windows Updates. Live Support team is trained well for easy diagnosis of any Windows and application issues. We support all Windows platforms from Microsoft including all the pre-loaded and third-party applications.

Live Support deal with all issues related to computer hardware and software. We provide 24/7 Expert Level Support for all the PC related issues in installation and configuration of software and hardware, network and internet connectivity, virus attack, issues in software application etc. You always get expertise advices and services for the best performance of your computer. We guarantee that you get best service from us and assure you a 100% issue resolution. The technical support from an expert always helps you to identify the root cause and fix it without any data lose and internal or external damage to your computer. Our expert level service will help you to understand the problem and take corrective action to prevent that problem in future. We service remotely with your permission and we guarantee this service without loosing your important data.

Our experts at Live Support team can help you to install software applications in your computer and solve the issues related to any applications. We always work with you to update and upgrade the applications for the best performance of your PC. We provide support for Adobe applications, Messengers, Skype, Games, AOL applications etc. We also provide expert advice about the applications that is best suited for your specified purpose. We do handle the setup and installation remotely for the same.


  • Can connect to us through our live chat support.
  • Will be connected to one of our qualified Live support executives.
  • Allow us to connect to your computer remotely.
  • Sit back and relax while we fix the issue for you.


  • Provide advice about the best software application for your needs.
  • Remotely install and repair the your computer applications.
  • Support all leading brands of computers.
  • Identifies the root cause of the software application issues and fix them immediately.
  • Fix the issues by reinstalling or repairing the application without any data loss.
  • Update and fix the issues related to drivers.

Our virus protection service include

  • Monthly scanning to detect virus attack.
  • Removal of detected virus remotely.
  • Monitor and block any virus attack.
  • Install and repair of antivirus software.
  • Update your antivirus software with latest version.
  • Detect the virus attack while using internet.
  • Protect your web browser from getting infected while browsing.
  • Protect your computer from virus infections due to USB devices (flash drive, thumb drive, external hardware etc.)

We support

  • Computer Software Applications
  • Microsoft Office Products
  • Web browsers
  • Email clients etc.
  • Computer Optimization
  • Software & Hardware troubleshooting
  • Provide installation help
  • Help for OS installation, reinstallation and help you keep your Computer up to date by Windows Updates.

Microsoft office support

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